Tiny Bras: The Elusive Size 30 Bra Band

The bummer about bra shopping is you NEED to try them on. So if you’re a difficult size that isn’t carried by a lot of stores or brands, discovering the proper size and fit becomes much harder. I’ve been wearing size 32 bands for quite a while, even though I’ve always suspected I am a size 30. But the size 30 band bras are so hard to find, I could never find one to try on.

I am in the market for some new underpinnings, so I did some online searching and figured I’d give nordstrom.com a try, since they usually carry a wide array of sizes, and there was a chance I could actually try them on in store. Sure enough, there were some size 30 bands, and a quick check on the “pick up in store” feature showed they were available in my local Nordstrom store. Off I went to Nordies…

I tried these Calvin Klein bras in size 30 band (these go down to a size 30C), and went home with them in 3 colors! Yay!

So, now that I know I should be wearing size 30 band bras…I began looking for “cute” bra styles (not those training bra looking ones…yuck!) online to see what else was out there. I found some great online stores that carry what appear to be cute tiny band bras.

Carries bras as small as size 30AA. Not that big of a selection, but if you live near a Nordstrom store, there is a good chance you can find them in store to try on. That’s a big plus! Nordstrom will also ship to your home for free if you inquire about a size in store. Standard shipping in the US is $8. They also ship to Canada. Free in store returns, or $6 by mail with pre-paid shipping label.

figleaves.comBy far the largest online selection I’ve found so far. Carries as small as a size 28AA with lots of cute options for every size. Standard shipping is $4.95 in the US. They ship internationally through their UK website. 20 day return policy, no returns on sale items.

Bare NecessitiesCarries bras as small as size 28DD, and many different popular brands. Lots of cute styles for smaller sizes. Standard shipping in the US is $5, and for a limited time, they have free standard shipping on orders of $100 or more. They also ship to Canada.

Lauren Silva:
Carries bras as small as size 30AA. A few different brands I’ve never seen or heard of before. Standard shipping to US, Canada and Mexico is $4.99. They ship internationally. 15 day return policy.

The Little Bra Company:
Carries petite bras as small as a size 28A (new styles only), with most starting at size 32A. The website claims the bras are designed for a petite frame, so if you usually wear a size 30 band bra, you should fit their size 32 band bras. Very cute styles. Free shipping on orders of $100 or more. $5 standard shipping on orders under $100 in the US. They ship to Canada. 30 day return policy, no returns on clearance items.

Lula Lu:
Specializing in small cup sizes, this site carries a few 30 band bras, down to a size 30AA, but mostly non-padded ones. Standard shipping to the US is $6.75. They ship internationally. 21 day return policy, no returns on sale items.

Carries bras as small as size 28B, but most small sizes are icky sports bra looking things. Not very enticing. Free standard shipping on orders over $70, under $70 is $5 in the US. They ship internationally. 30 day return policy, 15 days for bridal.

Itsy Bitsy Bra Bar:
Carries bras as small as size 28A. Small selection so far, but some good, cute options. They ship internationally, and shipping is calculated at checkout by UPS rates. 7 day return policy.

Any other good small bra band resources out there?

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  1. says: Jennifer

    I just came across your site (coming from Petitefashionista.com), and I'm glad I did! I'm 5'1.5 (so just a little taller than you), and I'm a 30D bra, which are really hard to find. Like you, Nordstrom is the only physical store I've found that carry 30 size bands, though 30D is still hard to find. Right now I have two Calvin Klein 30Ds that I ordered from CKU.com. The band is perfect, though the cup is still slightly small and too far apart. By any chance, have you come across any bras with the cups really close together? My ribcage and shoulders are narrow, and the cups and straps are always too far apart. Love your site!

  2. says: Alterations Needed

    Hi Jennifer,

    If you don't already have this one by Calvin Klein, check it out. Bare Neccesities has it in a size 30D. I have this one in 30C, and it fits pretty close together:


    I know a few brands make "petite" bras (Calvin Klein, Wacol) that sit closer together, but I haven't found any that are made in a size 30D. I'll keep looking and post about them if I find any!

    I've also heard stores in Hawaii tend to carry smaller sized bras. If you take a trip to Hawaii, take some time to go bra shopping…you might get lucky!

    Good luck with bra shopping!

  3. says: Jennifer

    Thanks! I have a different CK bra…haven't gotten around to buying the seductive comfort one yet, but hopefully soon.

    I just wish bra manufacturers would realize that you can be petite and not completely flat. A D cup in a 30 band isn't even that big, but for some reason I've only come across petite bras in an A or B cup. Which is ironic because a 30D cup volume is the same as a 34B or 36A. Oh well. I need a good tailor, I guess.

    Thanks so much!

  4. says: Jennifer

    I realize this is an old post, but after doing much research, I think I finally figured out my problem…I need bras with side support! Which, I hope, will also hold my breasts closer together, where they should sit to begin with. I found some by Chantelle, Fantasie, Panache, and Le Mystere online, but haven't tried them yet, as they cost an arm and a leg! Wish me luck! I have never had a bra support me properly! No wonder my clothes never look like they fit me properly…

  5. says: Anonymous

    Jennifer…I have the same issue as you. Its refreshing to know I'm not alone. Usually, I gravitate towards Wacoal, Panache, Freya, & Natori. These can all be found at Nordstrom. My straps always fall off my shoulders though. I'll have to look into those petite bras or possibly just buy racerbacks. Lots of Luck!

  6. says: Melody

    Thay changed their store name with is BRADELIS NEW YORK. Check their flagship store in soho new york!
    Thay have so many selection of 30 undersize.

  7. says: Rachel

    The only store I have found 30 band bras is Dillard’s. They also have 28 bands and I believe the small bands have cups that start at either A or B and go up to DD. So if you have a Dillard’s near you, it’s worth checking out.

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