The Petite Wears Prada…In Size 36!

My dream wardrobe is a mix of elements from different designers. For handbags, I’m a Chanel and Bottega Venetta girl. My outerwear would all be Burberry. For special occasions, I would wear Oscar de la Renta and Dior. And for everyday…I would wear Prada!

Lofty aspirations, hmm?
I have this innate feeling that for some reason unbeknown to me, Prada is my RTW soul mate. Something about the clean, crisp, fashion forward sensibility Prada embodies, along with pops of fun prints, is so very me. Well…the financially well off me I plan to be some day. *fingers crossed*. I also know there is a very tiny size 36 lurking around somewhere… that is so hard to come by, I’m convinced there are legions of tiny women who have comissioned sales associate to hide all the 36’s as soon as they come in, so they can snatch them up immediately. I have no other explanation for the lack of size 36’s everywhere.
Every now and then, I peruse high end designer clothing…looking for small sizes, touching all the expensive fabric, and avoiding sales associates (“No, I’m not looking for anything special today…I’m just running my low-income, grubby little hands all over your expensive merchandise with no financial means to buy any of it!”). This past weekend, I had such a day, so imagine my excitement when I found this great Prada dress at the Beverly Hills Neiman Marcus in size 36! There it was, in all it’s tiny glory, just waiting for me to sprint with it to the dressing room.

The lighting doesn’t do the dress justice, I promise you it is much better looking in real life. I couldn’t get the zipper all the way up in back without dislocating an arm, so the top looks a little big due to lack of proper zip-up. But all the proportions worked incredibly well. The waist is in the right spot, the arm holes were nice and high, even the length was nice, modestly hitting just at the knee. The pleating on the left side of the dress puckered out just a bit, but I’m sure that would be fixed by a nice dry cleaning, or if not, by a few quick stitches by a tailor to help it lay flat.
The proportoins on this dress are amazingly petite friendly, and now I have hope that my Prada wardrobe can someday be a reality (finances willing), because I know I can find things in size 36 that can work for me, with minimal alterations. Thank you Miucca Prada!
This dress goes for about $1,500 at full retail, so it’s no surprize this baby is still hanging on the rack at Neiman Marcus, instead of in my closet. But I plan to scour the sales racks, vintage shops and sample sales (hello Barney’s Warehouse Sale!) for tiny size 36’s! I highly suggest other tiny petite women do the same!

Yoox has some Prada sweaters in size 36 if anyone is interested here and here.

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  1. says: Nukem

    Oh my goodness, that is lovely! If only I had the bank account (and occasion to wear) to afford to buy something like that. We can all dream can't we?

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