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If you’re lucky, perhaps there is something in life that moves you. Just within my circle of acquaintances, there are travel junkies, foodies, film snobs, and sport super fans. These things can make you happy, or they can make you sad, but they move you to a point of emotion that makes you care about them just a little bit more than other aspects of your life.

As someone who feels strongly about dressing and style, New York City has been a mini Mecca of mine for quite some time. To be near the pulse of artistry, creativity, and retail for the industry that moves me has been such an amazing experience, so I hope you enjoy this first timer’s experience.


For years, I’ve rambled incessantly about how all I wanted to do was to go to New York during fashion week, stand outside the tents, and breathe in the beauty/madness that is the fashion royalty scurrying between shows. This year, the stars aligned and I got my chance. I could not have been more excited to sweat outside the shows in some of the most humid weather I’ve ever experienced, and take in the surreal scene outside Lincoln Center.

From what I’ve heard, fashion week has turned into a street fashion circus over the years, so I was mentally prepared, but still in awe, of the scene outside Lincoln Center. Many were there to people-watch, many were there to photo document the celebrities and outfits, and many were there just to be…well…photographed.


This young man dressed up in this avant garde look just to be photographed by the many street style photographers who milled around Lincoln Center. All he did was stand there, just like this (he moved to a few new locations every now and then), and wait for his photo to be taken.


And it worked. A bit gimmicky, no? Is this art? A reach at celebrity? I’m still not sure.


A personal favorite of mine, Miroslava Duma, as she swiftly left the DVF show.


I loved catching the moment between photographer and subject. I found the photographers just as fascinating as the fashion peacocks.

The weather finally cooled down for the last week I was there, so I happily threw on my blazers.


For sight seeing

Outfit detailsJ.Crew Crewcuts blazer :: J.Crew shirt :: 7 for all Mankind jeans :: Saks Fifth Avenue pocket square :: Ann Taylor belt :: Valentino handbag :: Miu Miu shoes :: Kate Spade watch :: Stella & Dot bracelet (c/0) :: pearl bracelet


Afternoon at MoMA (I’m a Rothko fan, can you tell?)

And a little later for an evening with new designer Patricia Chang:

Annabelle, me, Patricia, Wendy

Patricia-chang3 Cute robot theme for the Spring collection

patricia-chang-spring2 Checking out the designs

My hands doing some talking

Outfit details – Zara blazer :: Ann Taylor shirt :: Paige jeans ::  Ann Taylor belt :: Valentino handbag :: Miu Miu shoes :: Kate Spade watch

My very first day in New York was spent at LuckyFABB where I ran into so many people I have only seen or chatted with via blogs, Twitter, or email. Putting faces to blogs was so much fun! Special thank you’s to Alana and Amy who were very nice to let me tag along most of the day.


:: photo thanks to Alana ::

Outfit details :: Banana Republic shirt ::  J.Crew Crewcuts blazer :: Saks Fifth Avenue pocket square :: Banana Republic Factory shorts :: Ann Taylor belt :: Valentino handbag :: Miu Miu shoes :: Kate Spade watch :: Stella & Dot bracelet (c/0) :: pearl bracelet

I also fell in absolute love with the architecture around the city. I love art deco, so the opulence of design had my eyes dancing all over the place. My favorite building by far was the Chrysler Building. So much so, that I spent my last two days trying to track down the cheesiest of tourist souvenirs…a mini Chrysler Building figurine. Turns out, there are tiny Empire State Buildings everywhere, but no good Chrysler Buildings…what gives tourist-trinket industry?


I have a little bit of a crush on the Chrysler Building

Thank you for reading, and thank you for the wonderful time New York!

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  1. says: Angie

    it looks like a once in a lifetime experience, kelly! nyfw is one of my goals too – maybe i’ll find some poor med student in nyc to crash with next year, eh? hahaha. i appreciate that you channeled your true tomboy style amongst all the over-the-top craziness that is FW style and enjoyed a cultural overdose in the city while looking great and meeting with fellow bloggers! how exciting. i like that photo of you talking with your hands

    1. That’s what we did! We crashed with a friend who now lives/works in NY and it seriously saves you so much money b/c NY hotels are really expensive, especially during fashion week. You’d love hanging out near the fashion shows. So many fun outfits!

  2. says: lisacng

    Glad you’re first trip to NYC was a success, except for the humidity though :(. Welcome to the East Coast, you Cali girl :). It must have been awesome to feel the energy in the air. Did you get photographed by anyone?? Maybe you did and didn’t even know it! I’ll have to help you track down a Chrysler Building for you! Loving the art deco and gargoyles!

    1. Thanks Lisa! I got photographed by a few people but I can’t imagine I’d make the cut on any street style blogs because I was an absolute mess from all the heat and running around. I’m kinda hoping I don’t get posted anywhere because I fear what I may have looked like. =P

      Yes! If you see any good Chrysler Building figurines, let me know where you saw them and I’ll try to stop in if I’m ever in town again (which I suspect I will now that I’ve had a little taste of that wonderful city…hehe).

      1. says: lisacng

        I’m sure you looked great! If I see you anywhere on blogs, I’ll let you know ;). And I’ll be on the lookout for Chrysler Bldgs (tho I’m not in NY either but read a lot of NY blogs :P)

  3. says: witheachpassingday

    Thank you for sharing your pictures and experience with us. I hope I can visit NYC one day. But for now I will live vicariously through you. Love the studded blazer on you. I can’t wait for Zara to open here.

  4. Dearest Kelly,

    You are too cute; even in wording this event with the fashion peacocks. Love your outfits and poses with designer Patricia Chang. Your hands manage the universal language well; body language is far stronger conveying a message than words ever can. Great posting about this Mercedes Benz Fashion week in NYC!
    Hugs to you,

  5. says: Michelle

    The robot theme is so cute! I love those shoes so much with that purse…pretty sure I have said that before!

    Glad you enjoyed New York…it sounds like you really cherished the time spent there. Are you considering relocating there?

    1. Glad you like the bag/shoe combo because they were definitely on repeat for two weeks straight! I had always kinda thought about how cool it would be to live in NYC, but after this trip I could definitely see myself there for a few years if the opportunity arose. I really like that whatever you want to do, it’s in NY. That’s my one gripe with San Diego…I’m always traveling to LA because the things I want to do are just not here. In NYC, that’s multiplied by 100!

  6. says: annie babe

    So funny that you met Alana and Amy at LuckyFABB too. They were my ‘line’ friends as we were few of the first people on line to get in that morning.

    Wish I was able to say hi to you.

    Btw, I’m ‘twitt3rbug’ on Twitter.

    I tweeted you during Fashion week. :) Hope you enjoyed the rest of your adventure around New York :)


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