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This waistcoat has my favorite tailored fit out of anything I’ve ever taken in to be altered. The tailoring job is exquisite and despite being a masculine garment, is extremely figure flattering. It nips at the waist and flares at the hip beautifully. It’s such a fun, dandy-esque piece that I love pulling out for summer.


Last summer, I had this waistcoat altered down to my proportions by taking up the shoulder (moved the bust, hip and hem into the right spots, as well as made the arm holes smaller) and slimming the sides. Having a skilled tailor you trust with complicated alterations is essential for an overhaul such as this. The tailor I had work on this piece is very knowledgeable in menswear tailoring, and it came out flawlessly.




:: photos – Mr. AN ::

Outfit DetailsBanana Republic waistcoat :: Ann Taylor shirt :: Ever skirt :: J.Crew handbag :: Cole Haan shoes (similar) :: J.Crew necklace ( similar here):: Kate Spade watch (customized) ::  Stella & Dot bracelet (c/0) (in silver) :: Essie “Turquoise and Caicos” nail color

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    1. Thanks Lisa! He prefers being called Mr. AN to boyfriend. After he started taking photos, he wanted a better moniker than just “boyfriend” and I’ve called him Mr. AN on the blog in the past, so it just made sense. =)

  1. says: Amber

    i remember when you had this done last year and i was really convinced i needed a vest! i actually thought about it again a week ago or so when i was looking at a theory one. still havent make the leap! i love it on you, though. so flattering.

    1. H&M had some good ones before all the summer flowy stuff came in. I’m betting there will be more once fall merch comes in. Might be a good time to try one out to make sure you like them. =)

  2. says: Michelle

    Aw! I remember seeing this up in Seattle…and probably telling you that the first time you posted it!  It pairs so nicely with that skirt!

    Again…your boyfriend is doing a great job on the pictures! :)

  3. says: TOBeautyReviews

    Woohoo Mr AN getting in on the blogging action ;)  Love this outfit Kelly – so you! the perfect mix of masculine and feminine :)

  4. says: Jane

    I love the outfit. Just wondering — can you wear the vest with nothing underneath, for a different look? Or is it too — ummmm — revealing??

  5. says: Ana

    Kelly, this outfit looks fabulous on you! I love that you don’t try to “fake” the fit all the time, that you actually get your clothing tailored to fit you.  I’ve discovered that if I fake the fit, I don’t reach for that item as often because it doesn’t fit. I really love the results on this vest!

    1. Thanks Ana! Some items NEED to be tailored if they don’t fit right off the rack…like this vest. It looked awful on me before my tailor worked his magic. Faking fit only really works on things like blouses which can be tucked and cuffed, or worn oversized if the inspiration strikes. Any blazers I have that didn’t fit too well are slowly making their way to the tailor too.  =P

  6. says: SewPetiteGal

    I always love your menswear-inspired posts :)  I stole one of hubby’s and am planning to alter – your illustration is very helpful!  If all goes well, you’ll soon see a Kelly-inspired OOTD

  7. says: Sapphire Ear

    Hi! I stumbled upon your blog just now, and I love it! I love your style, and as a petite woman (5’2″, 00) myself, having a place I can turn to for tips and inspiration is great! 

  8. says: Chubbee

    Oh, I have to thank you for that old post about altering the vest!! It helped me realize what was wrong with an Express vest I had bought and I was able to return it time.

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