How (And Why) To Front Tuck


Ahh, the front tuck. I remember when this styling trick first started to gain popularity and the blog-o-sphere was torn. Early adopters were mocked, and as I recall, the term “shame tuck” was tossed around a time or two. I, too, admit to thinking it was a bit weird, that is until I tried it one day and realized it solved quite a few of my fashion problems. Now that it’s pretty socially accepted, I’ve been asked a few times how I get the tuck so neat, so I wanted to share my styling hack, as well as why I love this nifty little trick so much.

Why Would You Want To Front Tuck?

  • Show off some leg line. Being short, leaving a shirt untucked can shorten your already short frame. By tucking even at just the very front, your leg line is revealed and instantly lengthens and lightens you up.
  • Show off some belt. A belt is one of my favorite accessories and I truly believe can really make an outfit a million times better. A simple front tuck shows that sucker off.
  • Rein in oversized/boyfriend fits. In the age of slouchy/boyfriend/girlfriend/relaxed fits, a front tuck helps rein in excess fabric and keep the look neat.
  • You’re short-waisted. If you’re short-waisted and need or want to tuck your shirt into your pants, you may feel it looks unflattering (as this short-waisted gal does). The front tuck gives you the benefits of shirt tucking without the awkward proportions from fully tucking a shirt.

How To Front Tuck

There is one simple trick I’ve picked up that creates a nice, clean front tuck with just the right amount of nonchalance, and here it is…fold the hem of the shirt underneath itself before you tuck. And if the shirt is super long, you can fold it under twice. Easy right?


— Details —

Shirt Frame (similar)
Jeans Rag & Bone (similar)
Shoes Via Spiga (also here)
Watch Larsson and Jennings (similar)
Belt Linea Pelle (similar)
Jewelry Downtown LA, vintage, Catbird

— Altered —

nothing =)

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  1. says: cathie

    I can’t quite get the picture of a disheveled groomsman after the wedding out of my mind when i see this “style” (- when his shirt is half tucked in and half untucked, sloppy, drunk).

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