Del Mar Opening Day Fashion

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Opening Day at Del Mar is the greatest fashion spectacle in San Diego. The men dress in their dandy best (Mr. AN wore seersucker and gingham), and the women wear some of the most over-the-top hats I’ve ever seen. It’s so fun to see everyone dressed to the nines in a town that is notoriously laid back in it’s fashion.

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  1. says: wendyslookbook

    I LOVE the first shot!  It belongs in a magazine.  Thank you so much for inviting us to Del Mar!  We had such a great time!

  2. says: Janki

    so cool! I love your look too.  Does this show how influenced I am by you that when I saw the picture of you and W. with the jockey, all I could think of was “I wonder if he knows a good tailor?”
    Those hats are insane!  Are some of them with living flowers/plants in them!?

  3. says: KT of

    Wow what an event! Wish we have something like that up north…and those hats are so much fun! I know they are really over the top but it’s such a fabulous idea and I love to have any opportunity to wear a hat like that! x

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