Currently Coveting: Contrast Lace Panels

It took me a while to wrap my mind around exactly why I’ve become so attracted to items with lace panel details. What I came up with is this:

Lace is so inherently dressy and romantic, that seeing it paneled across something as utilitarian as a sweater, shirt, or scarf is a delightful juxtaposition. My favorites from this list are the Carven sweater (which I was able to score on sale at Nordstrom…look for it on the blog soon) and Sea shirt, which both exhibit just a little more oomph in that before mentioned juxtaposition. Laying the lace panel in a vibrant complementary color pairing, or against a much more masculine counterpart (in this case, a funky t-shirt cut from menswear shirting fabric) is such a creative use of the delicate lace!

It’s this play on taking something familiar (like a merino sweater) and throwing something unexpected (or intrinsically opposite) across it that makes these pieces so fun and interesting. It’s pieces like this that are, perhaps unexpectedly, easy to wear because they are such a showcase item that minimal extra styling is needed.

For those of you who followed my ramblings this far, thank you, and happy (almost) weekend. =)

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    1. Interesting point Alyson! Hmm…I wonder if the lace has more of a highlighting or disguising effect based on it’s location. My intuition is that the dizzying effect of lace would be great at hiding problem areas, and that darker colored lace panels compared to the rest of item would minimize that area.

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