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My hands-down, most anticipated day of the year is that day when you step outside and feel that first, undeniable crisp chill of fall air penetrating the last warmth of summer. That day has a special ability to make my heart race just a little, and I can’t wait until it arrives! For that reason, the first day of autumn feels like a little personal holiday. I celebrated by taking this very fall-feeling berry colored silk blouse (is it burgundy? plum? somewhere in between?) on her first outing, and tried my very first pumpkin spice latte. I figured it was time to finally see what all the fuss was about. It was pretty good…but I think I prefer my usual chai. ;)


Art deco is my favorite design period, and I find myself attracted to strong geometric shapes, especially in metal work, reminiscent of the style. Chevrons fit that mold, so it comes as no surprise I was instantly attracted to this mixed-metal statement necklace. It was on backorder for what seemed like forever, so I was happy to see it finally back in stock and at my local store. Funnily enough, my other recent accessory purchase, the perfect width black belt, also has a chevron detail. I’m on a roll, folks!



DetailsAnn Taylor blouseRag & Bone jeansJ.Crew beltMadewell necklaceKate Spade shoesClare Vivier clutchMichael Kors watchVince Camuto bracelet • Rings: Daisy Knights & GorjanaSally Hansen “Wine Not” nail color

Altered – Nothing =)

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  1. says: Petite Hues

    I love the berry/burgundy color on you, it’s such a great Fall color. I noticed you altered nothing (thumbs up!) in this outfit, but how does this blouse fit? Is it petite friendly?

    1. Thank you!! The blouse is a petite size, so it fits way better than, say, Equipment. If you’ve tried the Ann Taylor striped Lane blouse, this blouse fits a smidgen bigger, and I think drapes nicer than the popular J.Crew Blythe blouse. I hope that helps. =)

      1. says: Judy

        This is exactly what I hopped over to ask about (how the shirt fits,
        especially compared to Equipment.) The berry color looks luscious! I’ll definitely have to keep an eye out for the next sale.

  2. says: Yao

    Hi Kelly, silk blouse/shirt is always fantastic but it’s also very wrinkly! How do you get rid of the annoying wrinkles? Use an iron? Many thanks:)

    1. Hi Yao! I use a garment steamer on all my clothes. I hate ironing, and a garment steamer works for 99.99% of wrinkly clothes for me. For silk, hold the steam a little further away from the blouse than you would for other clothing items, because I’ve had it make the silk look puckered (which a pressing at the dry cleaner was able to fix). I have this one, and it’s been working great for me for about 5 years now:

  3. says: Ana

    I love this blouse! It’s a great color and it looks great with the black pumps. I’ve also tried the PSL before and I can’t see what the fuss is all about. I only get excited when Starbucks brings out the cranberry bliss bars!

  4. says: petitephd

    burgundy, berry…whatever color that is, it’s gorgeous on you and perfect for fall!

    have you tried a dirty pumpkin chai (chai latte + pumpkin syrup + shot of espresso)? one of my fav drinks when i feel like indulging :)

  5. says: Anna

    I’ve been looking for a pair of black pointed toe heels for some time now, and I love your Kate Spade ones! I’d get them but I want something with a tiny bit of a lower heel for businesswear…

  6. says: Kelsie Breashears

    Yes, “papery feeling” is a perfect description! Thanks for the info! I think I might go ahead and send this J. Crew blouse off with the mailman. :)

  7. says: AD

    I just discovered your blog while looking for tips for short-waisted, petite girls. Then I happen upon this post, and I had to laugh because I’m wearing the same exact necklace right now that you have on, which I, too, had to wait for/stalk, and I’ve been searching for the right silk shirt and leopard clutch for about a month. Clearly I have no choice but to become a regular reader. :)

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