Adventures at New York Fashion Week

I’ve been MIA on the blog lately because I had the most amazing opportunity to attend an actual fashion show during New York fashion week, which has been a dream of mine for a very long time. The trip went a little something like this:*

*With Twitter hashtags for added emphasis and brevity.

Official invite to the BCBGMAXAZRIA Fall 2013 fashion show arrives in my email inbox. Do a little happy dance. Excitedly explain the situation to Clinton. Clinton stares back blankly.

Look up the weather forecast for New York City. Panic. 30 degree highs and chance of snow. Run to the mall. Pick up a coat, gloves and tights. Realize I don’t have boots. Convince myself loafers will be fine. #InForASurprise

Arrive in New York. 30 degrees! Brr!

Wake up bright and early (#JetlagsABitch). Get dressed for the weather, but not for a fashion show (#OutfitFail). Meet Wendy outside Lincoln Center and head inside. End up backstage. End up front row. #FillingEmptySeat #WhosThatGirlNextToGlamoraiSaidEveryoneEverywhere


How frightening does the photographer’s pit look?


Feeling overwhelmed. Feeling emotional. Feeling grateful.



Meet up with Jen and go to Ladurée. Go to Henri Bendel. Bump into someone who has been waiting for me since I first saw her in September. Take her home. #ItsASign #ThingsITellMyself

Receive a slew of concerned text messages from friends and family. A blizzard is coming…tomorrow. #WTF #InForAnotherSurprise

Next day. Head to Kate Spade presentation. Starting to snow. Decide against taking a cab. Take the subway and walk. Umbrella flips inside out. Almost get blown away. #WereNotInSanDiegoAnymoreToto

Take photo with Brad Goreski.


Blizzard rolls in. Only have loafers. #ShoeFail

First time ever seeing it snow. Freak out. Stare out the window in awe.

There was a bit more to the story that included several rounds of travel cancelations due to the storm, getting stuck on a bus for 7 hours after multiple road accidents, and a brief stop in Boston, but what else would a person expect from a blizzard, right?

Fashion week, a blizzard, and a pair of possibly ruined loafers later, I’m back home in snow-free Southern California. A huge thank you goes to Wendy & MM for being my travel buddies and fashion week tour guides. Thank you to Jen and Wendy for being such wonderful shopping enablers. Thank you to Jean and Nick for the hospitality & rain boots. =)

And last but not least, thank you to everyone who has read Alterations Needed, now and over the last few years. If not for this blog and the support of it’s readers, there are several opportunities that have been afforded to me, the pinnacle of which has been this trip, that never would have happened. The opportunity to go from being a fan-girl taking photos outside the shows, to sitting front row, is a dream come true. Without all of you, that never would have happened. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

A few more photos from the trip can be found on Instagram.

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  1. says: Cee

    This is one of my favorite posts EVER of yours, Kelly. I was following along on Twitter/IG but omg, this post with hashtags is hilarious! I’m so glad to see you had a great time out east, blizzard and all, for a trip to remember.

  2. says: TOBeautyReviews

    AMAZING!! LOVE this review LOL!! This is good use of hashtagging LOL!!! Oh poor you and the weather! Do you understand now why it’s hard to stay fashionable when you live in a place that has winters? LOL! Although Jean is a trooper and does it beautifully – I’m such a homebody though so I’m too lazy :P I’m soooo glad you got to experience this! more to come I’m suer!!!!!

    1. Thanks Elaine! I now understand the need for beautiful coats and boots! I saw so many New Yorkers looking amazing, while I slinked past them in my emergency-bought Zara peacoat. LOL. I got really lucky though. Aside from my slushy loafers, I was really comfortable. I don’t know how I would handle negative temps though. Probably not well. =P

    1. Thanks! The only bad part was crossing the street. All that street muck and slush that gets pushed against the curb was not nice to step into with loafers. At one point, my shoes made a sloshing sound. Ick!

  3. says: Ana

    What an awesome adventure! I have to give you credit for dressing for the weather and not the paparazzi. Congratulations on being a seat filler, I would also take it any way it came! Thanks for the update!

  4. says: Amanda Shelton

    Oh Kelly! I have been reading your blog ever since I “googled” “alterations needed Tyler Tx.” way back in 2009 and your blog came up…lol. I rarely comment b/c I am a busy mom…but I always enjoy and find you blog immensely helpful for my 4’11” frame! I am thankful for the amount of thought and insight you put into teaching me how to find clothes that fit right, and not just settling for mediocre. I am a bit older than you…early 30’s, and of course a Mom…but all your advice still applies. So thank you. This is your best post ever and was “real”. I was in tears laughing!

  5. says: Guest

    Lol love ur quick hashtag summary! Glad u have fun yet interesting trip this time around at #nyfw – hopefully we’ll get to hang out again come sept in NYC! :)

  6. says: Melanie

    Lol love ur quick hashtag summary! Glad u have fun yet interesting trip this time around at #nyfw – hopefully we’ll get to hang out again come sept in NYC! :)

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